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Driving Examiners Digital Solution & Compliance System

The DVA is an Executive Agency within DFI. The work of the Agency is wide ranging - from testing people’s ability to drive, issuing driving licences, testing the roadworthiness of vehicles, and providing an enforcement function within the freight, bus, and taxi industries. Cranmore have been working as a supplier to the DVA NI since 2015 initially with BT under several contracts including the NIDirect Strategic Partnership and more recently as a key contractor under the DVA Strategic Partnership agreement via our partners Fujitsu.


Under this agreement Cranmore have been instrumental in the digital transformation, presenting ideas and new methods of working to deliver business value.  Cranmore have delivered a range of innovation application services and solutions including the Compliance System and Driving Examiner Digital Solution.


This system provides a digital transformation of the DVA procedures and policies through case management, workflow and mobile technologies using Cranmore’s LiveQ Case Management platform. The Driving Examiners solution was awarded IT Transformation Project of the Year 2018 in the UK IT Awards and has transformed the way in which the driving test is carried out in Northern Ireland today.

Technology Demonstrated:


  • Delivered using DevOps and Agile software development practices

  • Active Directory Integration – Single Sign On

  • Integration IT Assist Blackberry BES platform

  • LiveQ Mobile Agility Application

  • Web Portal for Enforcement Officers

  • Web Portal for Driving Examiners

  • API for LiveQ tablets

  • Data Integration API

  • Hangfire Background job and scheduling for DCN communications

  • Continuous Data Replication for Data Warehousing and BI reporting

  • Integration with data sources and APIs for various external systems

  • Gated CI/CD deployment Pipeline, including unit testing, automated selenium testing, code quality assurance and artifact management

  • Environment specific conditional build events

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