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Mobile Agility v5.1.0

Low Code to Pro Code, using our LiveQ Framework Cranmore have developed our in-house app creation platform. This allows us to build data driven apps for the web and native mobile devices.

Unlike other low code platforms, the source code is open and extensible and of course crafted using the disciplines of Clean Code.

From here we can leverage all the benefits of low code app development and still have the security, scalability and flexibility of a bespoke app.

With Mobile Agility we don’t have to spend time and money re-inventing the wheel, it can already do so much out of the box:

Mobile Agility Features

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Low Code

Our app designer lets you build apps from a toolkit, wiring up data and external APIs to build feature rich apps in a jiffy!

Pro Code

Take your app to the next level adding custom features using Typescript, Swift, Obj-C, Java, Kotlin. The source of your app is yours to enjoy.

Cloud or On Prem

Built on the LiveQ micro service architecture, these can be deployed to a cloud provider of choice.

Off The Line

Designed from the outset to work in offline mode, abstracting the complexity of user management and data synchronisation.  

Cross Platform

Support millions of devices utilising the LiveQ framework libraries for web, iOS and Android.

MongoDB Atlas Integration

Bind your app to a Mongo DB Realm and have access to the whole schema in the app builder so you can use the data anywhere in your app.

Multiple Environments

Build versions app for each of your environment, add as many as you need

Request a Demo

Let us show you how Mobile Agility can help you save time building flexible, scalable and bespoke apps. 

Fill out the form below to request a free demo of our software.

Thanks for getting in contact!

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