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Timesheets Portal & Mobile Application

NIE owns and maintains over 47,000 kilometres of electricity network in Northern Ireland, transporting power to over 840,000 customers.


Working in partnership with Cranmore and ATOS, the HR team aimed to replace their paper timesheets and develop a seamless end-to-end solution modern mobile technology.


Following a project discovery, using a hybrid agile/waterfall approach the work commenced in 2019 and resulted in the delivery of an intuitive, user friendly Mobile App, Management Portal and Admin Portal.


The development of the App and the Portal was delivered in 9 sprints (18 weeks) and has resulted in the HR team successfully rolling out a Timesheets Portal to 70 Managers and a Mobile application to over 478 staff.


Benefits provided:


  • Intuitive and user friendly app and portal

  • Increased efficiency – reduced time and effort in management led review and approval of timesheets

  • Automatic data population reducing the need for manual entry into 3rd party systems

  • Ability to attach receipts and claim for meal expenses directly on the timesheet

  • Ability to copy and paste timesheet from one day to another reducing user entry times for similar jobs


Customer Feedback:


  • “”Very positive feedback received from team members to date”

  • “App is very easy to use compared to the electronic industrial timesheet we were all using previously”

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