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Moving to agile?

Limited resources are no longer a barrier to agility

Agile doesn't just improve efficiency in your delivery pipeline. It gets you to that point faster, with an automation solution that makes it easy for QA teams, business users, and developers to collaborate and build automation - then scale it quickly as requirements grow.

An informal meeting held at the end of every Sprint where the Scrum team present their Increment to the stakeholders, and discuss feedback.


Product Owner (26).png

The ScrumMaster is the keeper of the process. The ScrumMaster is responsible for making the process run smoothly, for removing obstacles that impact productivity, and for organizing and facilitating the critical meetings.

The Team is a self-organising and cross-functional group of people who do the hands-on work of developing and testing the product. Since the Team is responsible for producing the product, it must also have the authority to make decisions about how to perform the work. 

Ordered by priority, this is the full list of what is needed for your project.

Product Owners are responsible for making customers happy by ensuring that development work is aligned with customer needs. Scrum makes this alignment easier by providing frequent opportunities to re-prioritize work, to ensure maximum delivery of value.

A meeting where the Scrum team reflects on the proceedings of the previous Sprint and establishes improvements for the next Sprint.

Where the entire Scrum team gets together:

  • At the beginning of every Sprint

  • To plan the upcoming sprint.

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